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A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.

December 16, 2018

S03E06 - Stoner vapes

Heyo good folks!!

Sorry for yet another long delay between episodes, but guess you're used to it by now. :P

To make it up to you we have a double whammy of episodes, we had recorded one back in October but life being what it is and the problems with our hosting (dude to weird Dutch banking) we where not able to get that one up so it will be uploaded at the same time as this episode.

The last episode is just rando-waffle but a fun time none the less so do check it out.

On this episode, we do a rundown comparison of the Pax 3 and Davinci IQ dry herb vapes. We have a lot of random stoner talk, plus the usual what we have been vaping and general life chit-chat.

All in all, a couple of fun shows so check em’ out!

Davinci IQ -

Pax 3 -

No music either week as I just wanted to get these episodes up and out to you guys.



December 16, 2018

S03E05 - We forgot this one.

Yo guys, the forgotten episode as promised in the most recent episode. 


Sorry about the delay in this one, still a fun show, so do check it out. 

September 9, 2018

S03E04 - Hastily Put Together

Howdy Friends, 

Well, it's been a while but not as long as we thought. I have successfully moved my ass to Amsterdam and both myself and Bungle have our recording setups almost worked out, as such, we thought we would get ourselves into gear and get you guys an episode out.

This show (like most) has no real direction, the usual what we have been vaping, I waffle on about some of my initial experiences of the Netherlands but all in all a fun show so check it out!


Vape Stuff

Vapr Amsterdam


Reload X RDA @ Grey Haze


Other Stuff

Adrien Dorme (Tattoo & Art)

The LARP Noobs Podcast

July 28, 2018


Hey Guys,


Not a long show note today as I am uploading this just before leaving for the move to Amsterdam. We recorded this a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to drop it just before I leave to keep time between episode to a minimum.


Lots to talk about this show, mainly focusing on the changing attitudes across the globe to cannabis legalization, which is apt given where I am moving to...


Any way a fun show as always so check it out..


If you want to get in touch while we are off air drop us a line on our Facebook Page or at:



DjjD feat. ectogemia - Spunktastic (Mystic Cave) -



June 25, 2018

S03E02 - Amsterdam Bound

Yo yo yo!

So we are back again, not with the previously advertised episode, well not entirely...

So the intention was for a full CBD special however, the peeps we have been talking to haven't managed to get out the documents we asked for. We want to ensure if we are recommending a product we know it's top quality.
As a result, the full-on CBD deep dive has been postponed until next time (hopefully), in the meantime, we do hear Dave's experiences with his CBD.

The other big news is my move to Amsterdam which is going to throw our already non-rigid recording schedule into further disarray, as I mention in the show we will keep you posted on when we will be back post my move.

Fear not though the show will go on!!!

Also finally this show is dedicated to a fantastic man who passed not long ago and was a great inspiration to me to start creating content Mr John (TotalBiscuit) Bain, a true legend and someone who will be sorely missed throughout both the YouTube and gaming communities.

Anyway, it's a fun show as always so do check it out!!!

Vape Stuff
Bantam Vape
Brews Bros

Hellvape Aequitas
Twisted Messes Pro 24

Lost Vape Furyan
Rig Mod Descendant Outlaw
Asmodus Luna

Ecig Wizards

Dj Slenderman (aka me ner0) - Slenderman Cometh (if ya like hit me a mail)


May 13, 2018

S03E01 - A New Beginning - Vaper Expo Rundown

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the long absence which I cover in detail in this new episode. Quick and short of it is I have been ill AF for a while now. Anywho we are back with what is a new series of a tighter more focused (or at least that's the plan anyway) Rambling Vapers.

This time around we give you our rundown on the Vaper Expo @ NEC in Birmingham this past weekend. Our thoughts on the venue, the setup and of course all the wonderful folks we met and chatted with while we were there! We spent a lot of time talking with various CBD producers which were fascinating, to say the least, and we are planning to do a whole episode soon focusing on CBD, so watch this space.

There were also many awesome vendors we didn't get round to talking about, but rest assured as we move through our sample stockpile we will talk about them as we vape them :)

For now check out the grand return of myself and Bungle, a fun show as always.

Contact us:

Amphibious - Metro City Rampage (Marble Garden & Metropolis)

The Vape Stuff:
Bradley's Brand
Aztec CBD -
C-21 -
Tmb Notes -
Harmony Eliquid -
U-Snoic Ultrasonic Mod -
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November 15, 2017

S02E07 - Now With Added Ben

Hi Guys,

Back again for once after not such a long absence. We are joined by new comer to the Podcast our good friend Mr Ben Saxon. He joins us this time to talk science misrepresentation in the media and of course the staple of our show, a load of old bollocks.

Sorry this is so late being uploaded as this was recorded over a week ago, just been a hectic week.

Another fun show, so check it out!

News Links:


What We’ve Been Vaping:



All tracks courtesy of

OverSheild – Chemical Burn (Sonic The Hedgehog 2) -

N-JekteD – Purgatory (Doom) -

October 14, 2017

S02E06 - Expert Ramblings (with Ian)

Hi Guys,

Well, we are back once again after another longer than intended absence, and once again we are joined by the almighty Pittock. We have a great show for you this time including some vape articles to muse on, some waffle on genetics and sports and many topics which provide great sources of in-depth waffling goodness for your earholes.

Usual sections also included where myself and Bungle round up our recent vape acquisitions also a special nod to Vapouraound magazine who featured yours truly in the "Diary of a Vaper" section in their latest issue.

As usual, the music is provided courtesy of OC Remix and links to the tracks used will be further down.

Hope you all enjoy what is a very fun show.

New Vape Gear

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Vape Interest:


OC Remix -

Track 1 - Modrem Stomp (Guild Wars 2 Remix) by DusK -
Track 2 - Psy Castle (super Mario Land Remix) by B-laze -

Special Mention:

Vapouraound Magazine -
Latest Issue No 13 (with the article featuring me) -

August 4, 2017

S02E05 - Back Once Again With the Rambling Masters

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the hiatus again, the day job is all consuming at the moment. So much so I am uploading this nearly 2 weeks removed from the recording session.

We were joined once again by the infamous Marc of dino porn fame, the usual NFSW ramblings take place. Hopefully, we will be able to get another episode out soon but please bear with us whilst I am swamped with work.


All music courtesy of the amazing folks at OCRemix -

One Must Rise 2011 - DigE - One Must Fall 2097
Comeback of the Green Rabbit - Netrum - Jazz Jackrabbit -

News Articles:

New Vapes:

May 14, 2017

S02E04 - Return Of The Dave

Hello once again good people, we have returned after another longer than the desired absence.

It's been a busy few weeks since we last recorded, We have been to Vape Jam, watched a billion lives and been taking part in many activities in our day to day lives.

This episode sees the return of the all mighty DAVE! He's come back to give his impressions of Vape Jam, we also sit and talk a lot of politics, largely in part fueled by the awesome documentary by Aaron Beibert - A Billion Lives.

We also discuss CBD liquid which we tried for the first time at Vape Jam, and us all being long time weed smokers and very pro-weed this was a real eye-opener for us, so much so Dave is now taking oral CBD supplements.

O and we also have now got our merch store up and running, check it out for t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc..

Speaking of the weed, we had partaken rather heavily prior to starting the recording session so as usual, this episode does meander to some rather odd places, so sit back and enjoy.

One final thing, the music this week comes to you thanks to the wonderful people at Overclocked Remix, the source of all the best video game music remixes, links below.

Vape News, Advocacy & Info
A Billion Lives -
A Billion Lives on iTunes -
Vape Jam -
Battery Mooch -

Special Mention & Thanks Go To:
YouTube -
Podcast -
Website -
Juice -

Vape Juice
Harmony E-Liquid (THE BEST CBD LIQUID) -
Dvtch E-liquid - 

OC Remix -
1. Flexstyle - Antifreeze (Ice Cap & Chemical Plant) - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 - Robotnik Bracket
2. Joshua Morse - Fifty Rings To Ride - The Sound Of Speed


April 2, 2017

S02E03 - The One That Came From Two Rooms

Well, this is an odd episode I must say, we started proceedings by shotting our way through some vodka, which was ill advised.

We did manage however to cover off some good topics including HR1136, Vape Jam UK, shitty drip tips and the usual media, politics and gaming ramblings.

This is the pre-vape jam UK show and we are hoping to do a wrap-up podcast shortly afterwards.

The D&D one is coming, it has just proved a larger editing task than I expected.



We have new advocacy pages for both UK and US on our website so I am going to link there from the show notes from now on

USA Advocacy -

UK Advocacy -



Mi-One -

Minkin Kodama -

Axis Vapes -



Dot Mod Petri V2 24mm Cap -


Recoil -

Apocalypse Gen2 -



Suicide Bunny Derailed -

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Drip Monster Globs -

Drip Monster Plumes -

Far Liquid Strawberry Cupcake -



Me, if you like it email me...

Buzzard Kings -



Battlegrounds -

Horizon Zero Dawn -




February 23, 2017

S02E02 - A Game of Two First Halves

Hi Guys,

Well after a few minor mishaps and delays episode 2 of season 2 is ready and here for you all to enjoy.

This time we are joined once again by the legend himself Mr Ian Pittock as well as my lovely other half and award-winning author Naomi Clark. We have the usual vape news, our month in vaping segments lined up with some good rage articles to get the blood boiling. However, in the second half, we do take on a more serious tone as we discuss the current political state of the world with a focus very heavily on the Trump administration with some Brexit thrown in for good measure.

The music this week is by the excellent Buzzard King, some fantastic blues driven, southern style stoner metal.

Don’t forget to stick around after the outro for the usual outtakes and the original first half of this podcast lol.


Vape News:

Our Month in Vaping:








January 24, 2017

S02E01 - Roller-coaster of Terrifying Shit-pile

Well hello there, once again I and Bungle are back. It’s a new year, a new season, a new intro and some new tweaks to the show.

Straight of the bat, I should apologize for both myself and Bungle were either just starting or just finishing a bout of the man flu, as such there is a lot of stuffy breathing and sniffles throughout.

Firstly, and foremost we are going to be featuring music from artists we like in the “breaks” and giving them a plug during the show, so if you would like your music featured get in touch.

Secondly the show this week is just me and the good Bungle doing some of our usual vape waffle and starts off with vape news making a welcome return with some bloody stupid articles this time round. We also cover off what we got up to during the Xmas/New year’s break, including my trip to Marrakech for my 30th birthday.

After the first break, we come back and go over the new vape gear we each got from Santa, we then on move onto discussing “Other Kin” which does get me somewhat riled up. We then move through some of our usual random nonsense with the gaming and media being the topics de jure this week.


Vape News


Vape Gear - M17 Mod - Noisy Cricket 2 - Apocalypse RDA Gen 2 - Twisted Messes 24 RDA - Coppervape BF Mech Squonker Mod - Vapor Depot Mystery Box - Coil Art Mage RTA - Limitless Mech Mods - Yuri RDA - Awesome custom drip tips here in the UK


If you would like to get in touch, or request your music to be featured in the break please feel free to drop us a line @, for all music related requests please include “Music Break” in the email subject.


Many Thanks & Vape On




November 26, 2016

S01E12 - The End Times

Hi all you fine folks,

We are back for the last time in 2016, and all I can say is what the hell is happening in the world...

We are joined by a very special guest this time our good good friend and man of many opinons David, he ahs joined us for some rather unscripted and impromptue Trump bashing.

This episode was recorded without any kind of prior prep or script, we just riff for a couple of hours on many topics, and Naomi also makes a return appearance, she couldn't resist putting in here to cents of Trump opinions.

As this is an especially random episode, even for us I am just goin to list some of the main topics we muse on this time below:

  • Trump
  • Trump
  • Trump
  • WWE (and pro wrestling in general)
  • Some usual vaper chatter as always
  • Cannabis leaglization
  • Naomi's writing

We also have an impromptue chilli sauce tasting curtosey of Dave's experiments in the kitchen.

I would also like to send a shout out Grimm Green for the nod he gave us on his vlog a few weeks back, thanks dude, big up!

Also if your interested my missus Naomi is up for Best Lesbian among other awards in the Evernight Readers Choice awards, check her out and if you have time cast a vote :)

Anyway hope you enjoy and we shall back in the new year with some tweaks and improvements, so hopefully we can bring you a better quality podcast to help take you mind of the fact the world has gone crazy and our society is circling the drain.


November 7, 2016

S01E11 - Batteries Trump Knees

Hey Folks,

One again we return and this time we actually had our shit together.... kind of, I might have wanged my shit real bad, check the outtakes at the end.

We do talk battery safety and it's place in the discussion of tobacco harm reduction in regards to the main stream media and their representation of vaping. We also talk Brexit drama, the 2016 US Election and a whole host of other bollox.




Vape cigarette battery sets fire to luggage in aircraft cargo hold -

Watch shocking footage of E-cigarette exploding in vaper's pocket, leaving him with severe burns -

Other Vape Articles:

Vape Gear:

Mad Dog Mods -


October 5, 2016

S01E10 - The One With a Girl

Hello Again,

One again we are back after a longer then desired absence, largely due to the total write off that was the first attempt at recording this episode and the need to buy more equipment.

Anyway we are back this week to celebrate our 10th episode with returning guest Marc and the welcome addition of my lovely fiance Naomi. The whole thing is somewhat random (as is usual)but all good fun and we hope you enjoy the inane chatter.

Vaping News:

FDA Regulations:

Njoy Files For Bankruptcy:

Vaping Not A Gateway To Smoking:

Other Links

Naomi's Books:

Naomi's Site:

Naomi's Perfume:

Vape Advocacy


August 8th:

Vape Shops

M-Vapes (The awesome Squonker)
July 31, 2016

S01E09 - The Late Session

We are back! After an unexpected hiatus, apologies for the long departure.

Things have been a bit crazy of late, I had surgery and have been working like a mad man, and Bungle has been busy doing what a Bungle does. As such we hadn't had chance to get together for a recording in a while, plus this was recorded over 2 weeks ago, but due to aforementioned "working like a bad man" I haven't had the time to do the edit and post work.


But at long last here is the most haphazard episode to date :P


This was recorded just after Brexit, so as such this was the main opening topic of discussion, along with it's potential impact to vapers, and discussion of a vape shops views on the matter which I feel are way of base.


We also ramble on the usual topics of gaming and so forth, plus turns out I bought a ton of shit while were off air so I talk through some of my recent vape purchases.


Rest assured, we are going to try our best to get back to a more regular broadcast schedule, but then life is a see you next Tuesday sometimes so we shall see.


Next episode is the big 10, double digits at last so we want to do something a bit special, we shall see.....


Feel free to drop us a shout


Peace Guys


May 7, 2016

S01E08 - The Even Longer One (Again With Ian)

This episode marks the triumphant return of the legend that is Ian, and as a result this is our longest episode to date.... Sorry :P

This week we ended going up way off the running board, hence the length of the ep, but we did hit a few good topics:

Vaping News:

Equating Vaping With Smoking Is Medical Malpractice  - Link
E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors - BBC News - Link

General Waffle:

Sesame Credit - Link

I will be honest we waffles some proper stoner type waffle in this episode, including discussing what knowledge we could take back to ancient times to advance civilization, the best comic book movie to date, our usual round up of what's new in WWE including my WWE PPV DG (drinking game) the rules of which I shall put below now in lieu of any proper show notes :P


Standard Swig Of Drink
  1. Anytime the commentary team fuck up
  2. Anytime a move is botched
  3. Anytime they mention the next PPV
  4. Anytime they mention the attendance numbers
  5. Anytime there is 2 count
  6. Anytime a wrestler is knocked from the top rope before they can do a move
  7. Finisher or signature move
  8. Drink for the length of crowd chants (waterfall)
  9. When a high risk move hits (excludes standard top turnbuckle elbows, legs and fists)  
  10. Anytime the camera team miss the key action

  1. Surprise debuts
  2. Surprise returns
  3. DQ finish
  4. Interference in a match
  5. Someone bleeds
  6. Chair shots
  7. Someone is put through the Spanish announce table
  8. Someone gets something from under the ring
  9. Title change
 See you guys next time :D

April 7, 2016

S01E07 - Noisegate (and order… of sorts)

First of apologies this episode is going out later than planned due to the new intro/outro and break segements but it's here at long last.

This time we tried (and failed) again to bring some kind of order to proceedings, we have sections (of sorts), one we will be keeping is the 'Vaping News'. Please let us know what you think

This weeks topics include:

Vaping News
Go Bristol -
Welsh Vaping Ban Fail -
Sun Bollocks -
HuffPo FoPar -

Gaming News
PS 4.5 -
John Carmack honored by BAFTA -

Daredevil Season 2
RWBY Cinematic Release -
Wrestlemain speculation (it's worse than I thought)
Oxenfree -
Anon V Trump -
Wathammer Total War -

Plus the usual inane bollocks.


March 8, 2016

S01E06 - Angry and opinionated (Vape Advocacy)

Hey people, welcome back!

This episode has a slight difference in tone to the others, we are mainly focused on one topic throughout (hard to believe I know!). That topic? Well it's THE topic for vapers right now, advocacy and the damned foolish regulations that are being imposed on the sale, distribution and manufacture of vape products.

We mainly focus on the EU regulations (as that's what effect us most), but please do make sure you check out whats happening in your corner of the world as it's grim all over, fucking 1984 is here man!! :P

Key points of discussion include 100Thousdand campaign, an upcoming protest march in London, and the always informative and excellently articulate Clive Bates and his look at the AG decision on the Totaly Wicked E-Liquid case against Article 20 of the TPD.

This as I said a slight change of tone, and apologies I kind of dominate, when I get ranty I get ranty :P

Also I pull apart a letter I received from my local MP Lucy Fraser, to which I will be responding and keeping you all up to date with.

Guest appearance from my cat Yuki
PayPal and Bitcoin
Bloodbowl and our first non losses
Marvel Heros 2016

Please send any correspondence you have had from local officials regarding vaping restrictions where you are (so we can mock/praise accordingly), as well as comments and feedback to


VAPERS STAND UNITED: Protest, 19th March, Parliament Square, London -
Vaper? Living in the UK? Show your support and hopefully see you there!

100Thousdand Campaign -
These guys are doing fantastic work, please at least sign their petition, it's on our Advocacy page and check out their site.

Clive Bates:
This my friends is a true stalwart of vaping, please do have read of his blog, his articles are some of the most well thought out and informative on the net, here are some recent great reads: - What was unethical about snoopers measuring particulates at a vape convention? - Totally Wicked case: Advocate General's flawed reasoning would protect the cigarette trade - TPD implementation – maximising harm by going beyond the minimum - Great video from Smoke Without Fire on YouTube.

Over the next coming show's we are going to play with format and look to introduce new segments, and feedback is always welcome!

February 20, 2016

S01E05 - Dino Erotica? (with Marc)

This week we are joined by our good friend and toilet humor specialist Marc, we discuss everything from the American election to dinosaur erotica.

Topics of note this week include (but not limited to):

Vaping education for Marc
RWBY Vol 3 -
Dinosaur Erotica -
Freedom of speech
Concrete - it gets harder as you get older -
Rip Trippers fuck up (not gonna link)

Also some of the pre-recording sound checks plus some of the sections I would usually cut were just too funny so I tacked them to the end as some bonus material.


February 8, 2016

S01E04 - Wake ‘n’ Bake

This time we recorded the show at a reasonable hour in the day, it was pretty much the first thing we did once awake.

We talk vaping woe's, new RTA's/RDA's, cats and accents. To be fair we just waffle a lot without a real point this time.

Please do feel free to get in touch and give us your feedback.

Again massive shout to Keith @ Creme de Vape for sorting my Vt200 out, please check out his store:

Also pictures of my new cat Yuki :
and my old cat, the myth, the legend, Fergus:

Don't forget about the giveaway I mention at the end of this episode, constructive feedback = winning e-juice :)

Vape on!

January 22, 2016

S01E03 - The Long One With Ian

This time on the podcast we are joined by DM extraordinaire, master of the bants and good friend Mr. Pittock.

We talk a little vape, a little TPD but a lot of films, games and random bollocks, as is our way.

We had some quality issues again with Ian's mic, however I did what I could in post. Needless to say that mic is being smashed to shit and replaced with the same ones me and Bungle use so going forward we should see more even quality.

Hope you enjoy.

ner0kw instagram:
Bungleman instagram:
December 30, 2015

S01E02 - We gone done an upgrade (aka a bit less pants)

This time we have better audio and ramble on a lot more about vaping, gaming and our special subject is the TPD and the article 20 challenge by Totally Wicked E-Liquid.

Also video version available including the first episode, the audio was bit dodgy hence why no audio only option:

Links About the TPD:

Totally Wicked E-Liquid Legal Challenge -

100k Campaign -

Clivebates has many good articles on this subject -

Smoke Without Fire video on TPD -

Links About the FDA proposed regulations in the USA:

Fortune com article about FDA regulations -

A good CASAA blog -

A great vice article -

Rip's vid on this very subject -

Go here  -

And lets not forget: