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A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.

S01E06 - Angry and opinionated (Vape Advocacy)

March 8, 2016

Hey people, welcome back!

This episode has a slight difference in tone to the others, we are mainly focused on one topic throughout (hard to believe I know!). That topic? Well it's THE topic for vapers right now, advocacy and the damned foolish regulations that are being imposed on the sale, distribution and manufacture of vape products.

We mainly focus on the EU regulations (as that's what effect us most), but please do make sure you check out whats happening in your corner of the world as it's grim all over, fucking 1984 is here man!! :P

Key points of discussion include 100Thousdand campaign, an upcoming protest march in London, and the always informative and excellently articulate Clive Bates and his look at the AG decision on the Totaly Wicked E-Liquid case against Article 20 of the TPD.

This as I said a slight change of tone, and apologies I kind of dominate, when I get ranty I get ranty :P

Also I pull apart a letter I received from my local MP Lucy Fraser, to which I will be responding and keeping you all up to date with.

Guest appearance from my cat Yuki
PayPal and Bitcoin
Bloodbowl and our first non losses
Marvel Heros 2016

Please send any correspondence you have had from local officials regarding vaping restrictions where you are (so we can mock/praise accordingly), as well as comments and feedback to


VAPERS STAND UNITED: Protest, 19th March, Parliament Square, London -
Vaper? Living in the UK? Show your support and hopefully see you there!

100Thousdand Campaign -
These guys are doing fantastic work, please at least sign their petition, it's on our Advocacy page and check out their site.

Clive Bates:
This my friends is a true stalwart of vaping, please do have read of his blog, his articles are some of the most well thought out and informative on the net, here are some recent great reads: - What was unethical about snoopers measuring particulates at a vape convention? - Totally Wicked case: Advocate General's flawed reasoning would protect the cigarette trade - TPD implementation – maximising harm by going beyond the minimum - Great video from Smoke Without Fire on YouTube.

Over the next coming show's we are going to play with format and look to introduce new segments, and feedback is always welcome!