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A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.

S01E08 - The Even Longer One (Again With Ian)

May 7, 2016

This episode marks the triumphant return of the legend that is Ian, and as a result this is our longest episode to date.... Sorry :P

This week we ended going up way off the running board, hence the length of the ep, but we did hit a few good topics:

Vaping News:

Equating Vaping With Smoking Is Medical Malpractice  - Link
E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors - BBC News - Link

General Waffle:

Sesame Credit - Link

I will be honest we waffles some proper stoner type waffle in this episode, including discussing what knowledge we could take back to ancient times to advance civilization, the best comic book movie to date, our usual round up of what's new in WWE including my WWE PPV DG (drinking game) the rules of which I shall put below now in lieu of any proper show notes :P


Standard Swig Of Drink
  1. Anytime the commentary team fuck up
  2. Anytime a move is botched
  3. Anytime they mention the next PPV
  4. Anytime they mention the attendance numbers
  5. Anytime there is 2 count
  6. Anytime a wrestler is knocked from the top rope before they can do a move
  7. Finisher or signature move
  8. Drink for the length of crowd chants (waterfall)
  9. When a high risk move hits (excludes standard top turnbuckle elbows, legs and fists)  
  10. Anytime the camera team miss the key action

  1. Surprise debuts
  2. Surprise returns
  3. DQ finish
  4. Interference in a match
  5. Someone bleeds
  6. Chair shots
  7. Someone is put through the Spanish announce table
  8. Someone gets something from under the ring
  9. Title change
 See you guys next time :D