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A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.

S01E12 - The End Times

November 26, 2016

Hi all you fine folks,

We are back for the last time in 2016, and all I can say is what the hell is happening in the world...

We are joined by a very special guest this time our good good friend and man of many opinons David, he ahs joined us for some rather unscripted and impromptue Trump bashing.

This episode was recorded without any kind of prior prep or script, we just riff for a couple of hours on many topics, and Naomi also makes a return appearance, she couldn't resist putting in here to cents of Trump opinions.

As this is an especially random episode, even for us I am just goin to list some of the main topics we muse on this time below:

  • Trump
  • Trump
  • Trump
  • WWE (and pro wrestling in general)
  • Some usual vaper chatter as always
  • Cannabis leaglization
  • Naomi's writing

We also have an impromptue chilli sauce tasting curtosey of Dave's experiments in the kitchen.

I would also like to send a shout out Grimm Green for the nod he gave us on his vlog a few weeks back, thanks dude, big up!

Also if your interested my missus Naomi is up for Best Lesbian among other awards in the Evernight Readers Choice awards, check her out and if you have time cast a vote :)

Anyway hope you enjoy and we shall back in the new year with some tweaks and improvements, so hopefully we can bring you a better quality podcast to help take you mind of the fact the world has gone crazy and our society is circling the drain.