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A podcast about vaping, amongst many other very random topics. Myself (ner0kw) & Bungle will amble our way through various topics, talking about anything from politics to gaming to science and nature.

Advocacy USA

April 9, 2017
This is a resource of places to go for information and to get involved in the fight against the FDA and the deeming regulations.


CASAA is your one-stop shop for all things vape advocacy related in the US of A, the people there do fantastic work, I would recommend ALL USA based vapers register and follow their calls to action.


VCC (Vaping Convention Circuit) is a podcast run by Kevin E Skipper and Nick Green (Grimm Green), they both do superb job of keeping up to date with all the news and happenings in the advocacy world.
They are live every Thursday: #VCCLive Thursdays @ 8pm ET #getinvolved

Right To Be Smoke Free

The right to be smoke-free coalition are the good people waging the front line war against the FDA with their lawsuit against the deeming regulations imposed by the said FDA. If you can contribute and show your support.


This is the bill recently introduced to congress the ultimate aim of which is to remove the predicate data of 2007 outlined in the FDA's deeming regulations.